T          Inspire: How can we inspire others who are hurting, afraid, or want to help?

                 1. Live courageously and truthfully.
                 2. Meet heart and soul needs.
                 3. Courage
                 4. Faith
                 5. Friendship
                 6. Acceptance/ fraternity of survivors
                 7. Resources: books/ DVDs/ music lists on the site; spiritual; church; web sites; blogs; personal devotions or meditation; mentor relationships
                 8. Public speaking events
                 9. Educational, public conventions/ fairs
                10. Literature distribution
                11. Safe survivor/ over-comer stories on: our web site survivor stories page and in the Surviving Survival book suggested on our site
                12. Live a Christian world view, but remain accepting and helpful to anyone, without discrimination.


                13. Action plans can work successfully.


                14. Pray with and for those struggling out of abuse and violence. We know God answers prayers.