Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:  If a woman is in abuse and violence, why doesn't she just leave to get out of it?

Answer:   She usually cannot on her own, but has to decide on her own to get out, with help to flee and not return.

Question 2:  If the violence is not happening right now, but the abuser is still exercising power and control of the woman and children, are they in danger?

Answer:  Yes, and the situation often spirals to greater abuse and sickness for the victims and the abuser.

Question 3:  Do we really need to involve the police and obtain legal counsel?

Answer:   Probably, in order to collect relevant evidence promptly, assess if the situation requires arrest of the abuser, and to give her a safe way to get out of the residence. However, even police and lawyers make mistakes in judgment. It may very well be needed, so look for lawyers that deal with abuse cases to help her with her rights and the children's rights. If crimes were committed, the (free, public) district attorney will be a lawyer to bring charges and prosecute the case. Even so, a civil case may be needed for a divorce and child custody decision, which requires hiring a civil lawyer.*

Question 4:  Does the victim lack enough self respect to leave abuse and violence?

Answer:   If she ever had healthy esteem, she probably does not have any left. She has to learn that all over again, as well as boundaries for behavior, a new career, and learning to decide for herself again. Let her see her worth mirrored in your eyes and words to her. We find the Bible has powerful words of value, acceptance, destiny, and genuine love and protection.

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