To Encourage: What can we do or say to really help these hurting people?

          1. Brokenhearted

          2. Men, women, children

          3. Those who do not feel safe

          4. Those seeking safety and sanity to live free of abuse

          5. Those looking for resources to improve life

          6. Relatives and friends of victims

          7. Survivors to stay strong and share their real-life stories

          8. Victims getting out of/ rescued from abuse/ violence

          9. Victims who may be staying a while longer to try to redeem the relationship (not convinced yet)     

         10. Victims who may stay longer to try to prepare financially/ legally/ employed/ childcare (These may be convinced to leave abuse, but want to be prepared before leaving.)

         11. The general public who want to help, but have no idea what to say or do to make a real difference

         12. Victims committed to end multi-generational violence

         13. Staff in other agencies who feel burned out from the great needs and slow improvement in casework


         14. Refresh your thinking, feelings,and soul with our page Read- Watch- Hear on our site. Sweet treats for you!