1997 – The beginning was an educational group supporting twins and homeschooling families, which grew in 18 months to an intercontinental organization with meetings, web site, research, publications, and international awards.


2002 –  The Downey marriage split apart by a final act of family violence. Margie broke her silence about 25 years as a victim of abuse and increasing danger, to get safety and care for her family, and turned her ministry focus to helping abused victims struggling to find help, comfort, and a new life free of abuse. She incorporated the organization soon after and began the tax filings for 501(c)3.status.


2005 – Tax exemption status as a 501(c)3 was finally completed with IRS, making grants possible and larger private donations. Walmart and Sam's Club made the first foundation grants and continued to be supportive.


2016   After years of service in Dallas, Collin and Tarrant Counties in TX, this new web site was launched for violence prevention, education and rescue.

2017 - Founder Margie Downey received the Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award from Marquis Who's Who and other national awards. New board members added talents that strengthened the leadership.

2019Crisis Solutions Series seminars and webinars began. We posted You Tube videos on various subjects. Margie Downey received Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in the USA. More speaking events with cooperating ministries blossomed.

2020 - With more Crisis Solutions Series, more awards and grants, we became a recipient in North Texas Giving Day, and Founder Margie Downey was selected for many additional national and international awards.

2021-22 - We created more videos, earned more awards, updated the web site, and counseled women for recovery success to overcome abuse and violence and make better decisions. Watch client Marlene's breathtaking testimonial interview on the HOME page.

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We are a nonprofit tax-exempt 501(c)3 educational corporation serving the general public.

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Years ago when I began this outreach, I was sharing what I learned as a violence survivor with other desperate women looking for safety, resources, courage, and kind friends to rebuild their lives. Today, we have survivors and over-comers of abuse and violence sharing what WORKS FOR US - not only with victims, but their concerned friends, family, and the general community, as well.

All the glory and praise for anything good we do or are goes to Jesus, who has given us great favor.

-  Margie Downey